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Every Christmas my mother Betty used to make hundreds of butter cream truffles for her family and friends.  As an adult I tried my mother’s recipe experimenting with that formula from my childhood.  When a long career in nursing and corporate healthcare intervened I forgot about making chocolates.

Then, through a series of fortuitous events, the corporate career was behind me.  It opened the door to a chance to live my dreams and perfect a family tradition I’d inherited. I enrolled at the Ecole Chocolat Professional School of Chocolate Arts located in Vancouver studying the history, artistry and chemistry involved in making fine chocolates. 

After further study in New York City, and with the support of my family and friends, I launched Plum Brook Chocolate (named for a stream that runs through Woodbury, CT) in 2013.  My mission is to provide fine quality all-natural artisan chocolates to my customers and friends, while enriching the local community and the community of cacao farmers far away.  I am driven by my desire to have a positive impact, quality of life and product, small production and sensible business practices. 

I use American-made Guittard Chocolate and French-made Valrhona Chocolate for their superior taste and texture as well as their commitment to work closely with cacao farmers to support sustainability and the well being of workers and their families. Both companies are members of the World Cocoa Foundation.

My passion for rich dark chocolate and local foods create the flavor inspirations of my truffles and confections. I strive to deliver vibrant flavors and immaculate textures that reflect the freshness of my ingredients. Plum Brook Chocolates are always handmade in small batches. I never use preservatives or anything artificial…and that’s a promise.

I hope you enjoy my chocolates as much as I enjoy making them for you!

I would like to acknowledge the skill and hard work of the following people:

Gennifer Dorgan- Web Design and Copywrite

Jamie Accashian – Logo Design

Peter Dorgan- Photography

(Photo credit of Pam courtesy of Laurie Gaboardi, CT Mag)

Ecole Chocolat Certified Chocolatier

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