Truffles and caramels are available in four-, six-, twelve-, and twenty-four-piece boxes. Please visit our Pricing Information page for details.

Sugar Shed Maple • Salted Caramel • Ginger Rum • Betty’s Vanilla

Raspberry • Caramel Latte • Cabernet Franc

Woodbury Mint • Black Pearl Double Dark * Almond Praline  * Coconut Lemongrass

Please visit our Pricing Information page for details.


Sugar Shed Maple

Our local maple syrup ganache, coated in dark chocolate and topped with toasted walnut, bursts with the taste of New England.

Salted copy

Salted Caramel

A soft, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth caramel center is enrobed in dark chocolate and topped off with a sprinkle of Fleur De Sel.

Ginger rum copy

Ginger Rum

Premium Meyer’s rum and fresh ginger blend delicately in this white chocolate ganache, enrobed in dark chocolate and topped with a glittering piece of candied ginger.


Betty’s Vanilla

Enrobed in dark chocolate, this truffle’s creamy white center is steeped in vanilla beans and speckled with their seeds to produce a gently unfolding, vanilla-like-you’ve-never-tasted-it-before flavor.



The vibrant flavor of our raspberry truffle comes from the infusion of fresh jam from Winding Drive Jams and Jellies of Woodbury and a splash of Chambord.  Our truffle is drizzled with white chocolate, tinted with natural coloring.


Caramel Latte

A variation on our much-loved caramel, using fresh ground coffee instead of water, this dark chocolate-dipped treat is sprinkled with sea salt and espresso powder. We use locally roasted beans from Zero Prophet Coffee in Washington, CT.


Cabernet Franc

A single-origin chocolate ganache is redolent with the rich, earthy flavor of Hopkins Vineyard’s Cabernet Franc, augmented by black pepper and and a trio of drunken currants. The fruity undertones of this 68% french chocolate pair perfectly with the flavors in the wine. (Special Order)

Woodbury Mint (Seasonal)

A crisp, earthy flavor emerges from our white chocolate center infused with fresh peppermint leaves, and enrobed in dark chocolate.


Black Pearl

A silky-smooth, creamy coconut center, infused with premium Puerto Rican rum swims in a dark chocolate dip. Topped with toasted          organic coconut.


72% Double Dark

Deep and dark, this creamy ganache provides a silky meltdown, followed by a flavor burst that reveals the earthy depths of cacao then      lingers on.  Heavenly!



Almond Praline

Rich almond butter, crushed toasted almonds and sea salt, combines with creamy milk chocolate in a dark chocolate shell. The flavor is smooth and sweet, salty and crunchy.

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