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Woodbury Talks Interviews Me – Plum Brook Chocolate!

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Epiphany: a sudden revelation or realization of a truth of great significance, usually triggered, sparked, or inspired by something ordinary or commonplace.  An epiphany is a personal paradigm shift, which changes the way one sees everything. (

“So, it was an epiphany of sorts”.

Vanita was responding to my tale of leaving the corporate world and diving head first into the world of fine chocolate.  Since her interview I’ve given that word considerable thought and yes, epiphany just about sums it up.

I’d never been asked to be a podcast guest before and so, when approached to take part in the Woodbury Talks series about “interesting” residents of our town, I didn’t know what to expect.  I tend to shy away from talking about myself and I knew that would be the hard part. But having spent almost 10 years immersed in the world of fine chocolate I felt up for the task.  Still, entering the small library conference room and taking a seat across from Vanita, who placed a black, vintage microphone between us, I admit a few butterflies flew.  (Like “OMG what have I gotten myself into?” kind-of-thing).

My tendency when interviewed is go stiff and stick with the facts but Vanita has that certain something about her that’s both professional and easy going.  Plus, she always makes you feel important, special.  I found myself totally at ease.  I loved the way she brought in the mysticism of how chocolate captured me, using words like epiphany and unifier.  The whole experience inspired me to step away and view my business through this lens.  

Among the things we discussed were:

  • My chocolate journey that began as a 10 year old in our family kitchen 
  • Fine chocolate versus mass market chocolate
  • Fair-trade and why its important
  • The science of chocolate making

Thank you Vanita Bhalla for hosting and to the staff at the Woodbury Public Library for producing Woodbury Talks.  The series highlights the amazing number of artists, musicians, historians, writers and foodies who call this small town their home.