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A Day at Better Connecticut

I was honored to be invited to appear in a live kitchen segment on Better Connecticut on April 21. If you tuned in to watch me, thank you so much! I was excited as the morning approached, but nervous too. What could I do in 5 minutes?  What if something went wrong? There were no retakes!

As it turned out, I was anxious for nothing. I arrived at the studio expecting high security, lots of busy people pointing where to go, and overall chaos. It wasn’t like that at all! As soon as I walked through the back door I was greeted with a smile and “Oh, you’re the chocolate lady!” I was introduced to technicians Bob and Hanes, who not only showed me where to go and what to do, but offered support along the way.

My segment was scheduled for 10:45. I sat in the guests’ waiting room, collecting my thoughts as I listened to the quartet of buccaneers who had showed up to promote the Arc’s annual Pirate Party joke and sing.

Finally, it was time! Hanes gave me a microphone and led me into the studio kitchen. “You are going to do great,” he reassured me. I did the final set-up in the kitchen, and voila: Scot Haney and Duby McDowell appeared (I admit that I was a bit starstruck!). When I saw them both in purple, I “thanked them” for wearing their Plum Brook colors, and they put me completely at ease. In fact, the segment was the fastest four minutes of my life!

Pam on Better Connecticut

After the show was over, the crew and audience gathered around to devour the red wine truffles that I made, along with some of our popular buttercrunch toffee. Bob said, “See, it was easy!”

Hanes walked me to the car and gave me a hug as he helped me load my equipment. “You must come back and visit us again,” he said, and I hope that I do. It was yet another exciting adventure on which Plum Brook Chocolate has led me.

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