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Bourbon Whiskey Truffles

Tis the season of entertaining, merry-making and cookie baking.  Why not add interest to your cookie platter with the addition of delicious homemade truffles?  You will delight your guests and have fun making them.

Bourbon and Chocolate are one of those matches made in heaven.  A natural pairing.  I can’t keep my bourbon truffles in stock!  It is such a great combination I thought you all would like to give the flavors a try at home.  And this at-home recipe is about about as easy as it gets.  The results are spectacular!  Be sure to use the best quality chocolate you can find.


As far as the bourbon, use whatever you have on hand!

Yield: 12-15 truffles


4 oz. whipping cream
7 oz. semisweet or dark chocolate (61 – 65%), finely chopped
1/2 oz. butter, very soft
1 oz. bourbon whiskey
1/2 cup  cocoa


Bring whipping cream just to boil.

Pour slowly over the chocolate and mix rapidly to create an elastic and shiny mixture. Add butter and mix it again with the spatula. Add bourbon whiskey and mix to incorporate.




Let ganache set in the refrigerator. Dust hands with cocoa powder, scoop ganache with a tablespoon and shape truffles before rolling in cocoa powder. Serve at room temperature.