Artisanal Hand-Crafted Fine Chocolate

Truffles & Caramels

Our truffles, caramels and solids are crafted with the finest fair-trade chocolate and locally sourced ingredients.  Flavors vary from season to season.

chocolate truffles

Please note that unless specified all of our truffles are dipped in 65% chocolate.



Flavors rotate depending on the season and our whims.  Current flavors are in red.

EL PIRATA Inspired by the famous coconut drink at the Cofresi Hotel in Rincon, Puerto Rico.  Coconut cream truffle infused with Puerto Rican rum swims in a dark chocolate dip. Topped with toasted coconut.

SUGAR SHED MAPLE  Local maple syrup infused white chocolate truffle center topped with toasted pecan bursts with the taste of New England. We use syrup from Flanders Nature Center and Brookside Farm II.

BLOOD ORANGE BALSAMIC Dark chocolate and local blood orange balsamic vinegar mix together in a classic combination of flavors that is tart, sweet and bright.  Topped with organic house-made candied orange peel.  We use Delavignes balsamic made in Waterbury.

DOUBLE DARK  70% dark chocolate truffle center dipped in 65% chocolate with a dark chocolate drizzle.

BOURBON  A creamy dark milk chocolate center flooded with bourbon from the Litchfield Distillery is dipped in dark chocolate with a milk chocolate drizzle.

GINGER RUM  Meyers rum and fresh ginger infused white chocolate truffle center dipped in dark chocolate and topped with a glittering piece of organic candied ginger.

BETTY’S VANILLA  A creamy white truffle center steeped in vanilla beans and speckled with their seeds produce a gently unfolding, vanilla-like-you’ve-never-tasted-it-before flavor. Jewel shell flecked with white cocoa butter.

PLUM BROOK SIGNATURE  Indulgent caramelized milk chocolate truffle center mixes with a splash of cognac in a dark chocolate colorful frond shell.

BEES & FLOWERS – A delightful blend of black tea from Georgia and a floral mix from Ukraine along with local honey flavors a chocolate ganache center.  In a dark chocolate motif heart shell.  Note: This TeaHaus tea blend is named Слава Україні (Glory to Ukraine!). Read more about it here.

MOHITO MINT  Crisp earthy flavor emerges from our white chocolate truffle center infused with muddled mint leaves from our neighbor’s garden and a splash of Bacardi Rum.  Enrobed in dark chocolate with white chocolate drizzle.

FEATURED SINGLE ORIGIN –  Made with dark single origin chocolate. A few vanilla beans in fresh cream is all that’s needed to coax out its exotic flavor.  

PASSION FRUIT HEART  Hand-painted dark chocolate heart shell filled with passion fruit puree blended in a white chocolate center.

HAZELNUT LATTE  Creamy dark chocolate hazelnut center blended with cream steeped in robust locally roasted coffee.  Coffee bean shell.  We use Zero Prophet Coffee in Washington CT.

RED WINE – Dark chocolate ganache blended with a touch of organic raspberry puree is blended with full-bodied local red wine.  Dark chocolate heart shell.  We use Walker Road Vineyards, Woodbury, CT.


SALTED CARAMEL  Our award-winning hand-cut soft caramel in dark chocolate sprinkled with Fleur de Sel.

PEANUT CARAMEL– Roasted, salted Virginia peanuts in our award-winning caramel.  A match made in heaven! Dark chocolate drizzle.

CARDAMOM COFFEE CARAMEL  Our beloved hand-cut soft caramel is infused with cardamom, dipped in dark chocolate and dusted with fresh roasted local coffee and more cardamom.  We use Zero Prophet Coffee in Washington, CT.

SOLID DARK HEART  For the chocolate purist, made with 72% Guittard fair-trade chocolate. Wrapped in gold foil.

Our truffles and caramels are made with fresh cream and no preservatives.  For the best experience, enjoy them much like you would bakery items – within a few days is best and definitely within 3 weeks of purchase.  Store them at room temperature or in a cool, dry place.

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