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Elegant Mendiants – Inspired by Monks!

Origin of the Mendiant

Mendiant is French for a beggar of alms, and refers to the four orders of mendicant monks. The chocolates known as mendiants are thin rounds of crisp perfectly tempered chocolate. The word derives from the Latin root mendicans, which means “begging,” in reference to those beggars of alms — monks or friars in religious orders who adopted a lifestyle of poverty for the purpose of preaching and ministry.

MendiantsTraditional Mendiants

Historically, mendiants were offered at Christmas time and have four traditional toppings representing the white, gray, brown, and purple robes of the Dominican, Franciscan, Carmelite, and Augustinian friars.

Modern Day Mendiants

Modern-day mendiants are offered year round and sprinkled with any number of tasty and beautiful ingredients, and in countless combinations.

Recently perusing past lessons from my Ecole Chocolat training I came across the chapter on mendiants and decided to give them a try. They are fun and easy to make!

MendiantThumbnailHazelnut Espresso Dark

Here’s my take on our Hazelnut Espresso Dark Bark.  I made these for an art gallery opening recently and they were a big hit!  Give them a try.  The possibilities are endless but keep the toppings to no more than 3 or they get a bit messy looking.  Perfect for parties and gift-giving!