Artisanal Hand-Crafted Fine Chocolate

Hello Fall

Perhaps I should be a little sadder. Because right now, even with New England’s most beautiful season here, a long, freezing winter is right behind it. I love summer and it’s over, so why do I have a feeling of excitement about the days ahead?
Because I know that I will be spending a busy chocolate season doing something I love. Producing even better chocolate, reacquainting with customers and friends and meeting new and interesting people.
I’m excited to have expanded my flavor selection to include some milk chocolate (thank you Ovens of France for requesting white and milk chocolate during these hot days) as well as a killer 72% dark truffle. While I’ll always believe that dark chocolate is the most rewarding chocolate experience, I have come to appreciate a quality milk chocolate, rich and creamy. “Black Pearl”, a divine coconut cream, and Jasmine are 2 new milk chocolate offerings this season.
Onward to fall and winter!