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Chocolate Mixed Boxes

Mixed Boxes are filled with truffles from our current collection. Each box includes truffle photos and description.

2 piece mixed favor box $5.00
4 piece mixed box $9.00
6 piece mixed box $13.00
12 piece mixed box – 1-2 each from our current collection $26.00

Salted Caramel Boxes 

4 piece caramel box $9.00
6 piece caramel box $13.00
12 piece caramel box $26.00

Toffee & Barks 

Butter Crunch Toffee – 6oz box- currently unavailable. Back in March! $16.00
Butter Crunch Toffee – full slab* – currently unavailable $100.00
Butter Crunch Toffee – half slab* -currently unavailable $55.00
Hazelnut Espresso Dark Bark $14.00

*Toffee slabs cannot be shipped. 

Solid Dragonflies – 72% Dark

72% Dragonflies – package of 2 $3.00

Velvet Drinking Chocolate Mix

16 oz bag (serves 8-10) – currently unavailable $19.00

Chocolate  Towers – back  in stock on Feb 28

matching truffle boxes tied with seasonal bow

Small Gift Tower – 4-piece Salted Caramels, 6-piece mixed Truffles $21.00
Large Gift Tower – 6-piece Salted Caramels, 12-piece mixed Truffles $38.00

Seasonal Specialties 

4″ Rabbit with Green Bow $3.00
4″ Star of David with Blue Bow $3.00

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