The mint is back!

Our Woodbury Mint Truffle gets its crisp, earthy flavor from fresh mint grown in our neighbor's garden.

Cabernet Franc

Premium, single-origin chocolate with fruity tones harmonize perfectly with the delicate flavor of Hopkins Vineyard's Cabernet Franc. Smooth and complex, it is the essence of luxury in chocolate.

As Local As It Gets

Our popular Sugar Shed Maple truffle uses syrup from Flander's Nature Center right here in Woodbury, Connecticut.

Buttercrunch Toffee

Our Buttercrunch Toffee has been a huge hit. Stop by our farmer's market table for a sample!

Read about us in the February 2014 issue of Connecticut Magazine!


  At Plum Brook, we strive to deliver the finest quality chocolates.

 Chocolate from small, shaded farms in dense equatorial jungles is transformed using locally grown and sourced ingredients into an all-natural, delectable result. Always fresh and with no preservatives, our chocolates are cut, dipped and packed by hand.

WJWC holiday fair

From our community to you. Pure chocolates. No compromises.

 Our highest-quality ingredients are sourced when possible from northwestern Connecticut, and always ethically produced. In our kitchen, the building blocks of fine chocolates meet the distinctive artistry of chocolatier Pam Dorgan. Pam’s hand-dipped truffles are made from fair-trade chocolate and fresh Connecticut dairy. She selects pure ingredients and delicately blends flavors to produce an all-natural, delectable result.

Each chocolate Pam makes is a work of art that encapsulates the exquisite taste, hard work, and uncompromising love of quality that characterizes northwestern Connecticut.

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